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Jungle song lyrics on this album… that’s really easy, actually.

That song is about the girl that you are.

Oh yeah? This is the best I can tell.

Okay, and that’s all she is. The girl that you are?

Well, yeah, it’s hard to tell, but it’s okay.

She was kind of an anti-hero as the film goes. She was all kinds of messed up, but when it starts, she’s just a cute, happy little girl. And it was cool to play that. It’s always tough to have a film like that come out and be like a character in it, but I do believe it worked out.

The original song that came off of this album was, “I know it’s you. When the moon shines, I know it’s me. You’ll always love me.” That’s pretty awesome, I guess.

And it was the first ti광주출장마사지me you actually had someone speak English?

Yeah. Like, I had a friend of mine who’s Chinese and he used to speak English in college. Now, if you think back and you watch this film and look at the language barrier, he would never have been able to speak English. But I always looked up to him because I always thought he was a guy who had a tough upbringing and he went out of his way to help people. And so you could see that in the character of Jack, like he doesn’t think he can go through life alone.

So… did that have to do with the music?

Yeah, it had to do with the music. It was the way you were just talking about her a세종안마nd the way you were talking about Jack, with that song. And then you actually actually get to watch the whole film and realize that… [chuckles] the way you put those lyrics on the album was like the first time I played th1 인샵ose lyrics on the record when I played them on the album, and that really made the whole record that much more authentic. I think people feel that they saw it all that time or we saw it all that time on our first record. I know that it didn’t get as much attention as other records, but what’s the most important to you?

Well, I think it really comes down to, like, artistry. You don’t want to overstep it and just make something, and to me, that just means people have to realize, “Well, thes

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