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Accro spider

Technical details

The Adventure Courses with Giant Nets, called “PAH EPC (Acrobatic Course at Height with Collective Protective Equipment)  


The Accro Spider courses are made up of 15 to 30 workshops per floor, as are the adventure courses with Harnesses such as Pont des Indes, Slackline, Wake-Board, Seated Tyrolean, Tightrope walker, climbing wall and end with an exit slide for back down.

We build the Accro Spider in the trees in the forest or on poles depending on the location.


After the study and the final design, we place custom orders, to the dimensions of your trees, in order to adapt each workshop to them during assembly.

These Accro Spider can be from 300m² to 2000m² per floor and we can make structures on poles up to 3 floors of games, to satisfy all ages from toddlers to adults.

The Accro Spider net to CE 15567-2 standards offer 100% safety to customers young and old, as well as greater freedom of action allowing them to go in all directions and even to go back. Very easy access route for customers,  requiring only one operator to monitor.


Customized Accro Spider course installed in a drill according to the design and available trees


The Accro Spider indoor are built on poles or attached to the existing structure of buildings, shopping centers or other indoor areas

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