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accro tower


Activity that we design tailor-made according to your surfaces

Technical details

Multi Activity Tower, Double Ziplines, Quick Jump, Free Jump, Tubby Jump, Climbing Wall

The Accro Tower is an 18m high wooden multi-activity tower, offering several activities to choose from, among the 9m double Battle Wall Climbing, 300m double giant parallel Ziplines, 12m Quick Jump, Tubby slide track of 30m with a Jump in a giant Air Bag, Free Jump "jump in an Air Bag" of 3, 6 and 9m, Vertical Running wall Vertical race towards the ground, the Zippy Bike bike on a 150m cable, Zip Coaster Ziplines with a turn of 300m.

The Accro Tower can be installed anywhere on a flat plot of 50m x 10m, depending on the activities chosen.

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