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Normes européennes d’EXPLOITATION ( European standards operating)

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What are the High Acrobatic Adventure Courses, or the Adventure Courses in the trees?
Originally, this is intended as an open air recreational activity, usually taking place in a green and wooded environment in the trees. It can, however, also happen indoors in artificial structures.
A succession of workshops and games hanging between trees or posts, in which each participant goes from one platform to another and interacts with all sorts of activities. There are more than 60 different kinds of workshops, and the activity ends in one long zip line ride.

The adventure courses are open to everyone from the age of 3 onwards, and include different ranges of difficulty, each marked by color. This activity has been in high demand in France for the past 15 years, and over 700 adventure parks have been built. It is a perfect fit for school trips, birthday parties, bachelor parties, or simply for tourists looking to have a nice time with friends of family.
They also attract businesses that wish to organize Team-building retreats and activities – the challenge through the trees is particularly well adapted to this.
The activity is accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities (non-HMR).

The adventure park concept is a draw in part thanks to its ability to encourage people to discover natural environments. It is also accessible to the whole family, no matter the age. It lets people navigate together in a group through the trees and in total security, but still allows for a range of difficulty levels (green, blue, red and black).
Furthermore, these adventure courses do not require participants to have any prior knowledge or skills. After a simple briefing and explanation about the various courses and security rules, participants just get started.
Clients are then monitored from the ground by qualified personel, ready to intervene at the first sign of discomfort or request. Few interventions are necessary, as the clients are secured by a continuous lifeline that is 100% safe, in full compliance with European construction norms.

We now have the hindsight to affirm that the initial investment is very quickly recovered and made profitable. The VAT rate in France is fixed at 10% (BOFIP March 2014).
Depending on its location, its catchment area and its commercial dynamics, an adventure park attracts anywhere between 5000 and 70000 clients over the course of 6 to 7 months, with reduced personnel thanks to the secure lifelines we install.
Adventure parks are in demand because of their originality and the wide range of clients they attract – clients who generally come at least once a year to stock up on unforgettable memories.

XTREM ADVENTURES is the global leader in adventure park construction market, with over 70 parks built internationally in 10 years (see our map). We also manage our own Parks in Paris, France, Phuket in Thailand, Atlanta in the US, and soon Shanghai in China and Istanbul in Turkey.
Managing our parks lets us test the quality and evolution of construction materials, fine-tuning our products for quality and durability.
Our service provision for the creation of a complete park includes:
– the design and technical drawing of the coursess in your park,
– an expert audit of the terrain so as to adapt and integrate the various courses,
– A phytosanitary audit of the trees for support and resistance confirmation,
– First rate materials (wood, cables, gymnastics apparatus, lifelines, nets) for Premium quality building and a shelf line of at least 15 years,
– A complete audit of the installations by an independent auditing firm, at site completion,
– maintenance and continuous monitoring of the courses, each year, through a maintenance contract,
– Initial training of management personnel and CQP degree certification of Park Course Operators,
– A know-how and recommendations based on our double experience as both construction site builders and designers, and park managers for over 13 years.

Do not hesitate to get in touch for any questions, our teams are at your full disposal.
Best wishes,
Raphael Jamgotchian

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