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Thanks to 13 years of experience designing, building and managing parks, Xtrem Aventures has developed its concept internationally.
Starting with France and Europe with clients like Center Parcs, Disney Land or Parc Asterix, we have had to ensure the highest quality standards, for these high profile parks where nothing can be left to chance.
We then exported our expertise in durable construction to other continents; to Atlanta in the United States, to Argentina and Colombia in South America, to Dubai in the Middle East and to North Africa.
We have completed 65 custom-built parks, including Harness courses and Continuous Lifeline courses, Accro Spider courses as well as Summit Walkways for zoos or Elf Villages for children.
Each of these courses can also be built on wood or steel posts when there are not enough trees on location.
We guarantee the very best expertise and execution for your project.

Parcs Ile de France

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