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adventures COURSE


Course installed on trees, after study and design in the forest



Course installed on poles, after study and design of the structure

Technical details

​​ The Harness Adventure Parks, more commonly called Accrobranche, are composed most of the time of 2 to 6 courses each with 12 to 15 workshops, for around 30 minutes of activity per course, i.e. already 2 hours of activity.  for 4 courses of different difficulties each, from green to black as for the ski slopes.

We offer a catalog of more than 70 different workshops, adapted to the colors of the routes, in order to satisfy young and old alike, such as Pont des Indes, Pas du Géant, Slackline, Wake-Board, Zip line, Tightrope walker, climbing wall, etc. ....  our routes often end with a zipline outing.

We build our Courses either in the forest in the trees after validation by a phytosanitary expert, or on poles if there are not enough trees on the site.


After a preliminary study and estimate, we go on site for the final phase of the Design, after your validation of the plans, we will place the custom orders, to the dimensions of your trees, in order to adapt each workshop to it during assembly.

All our courses are certified by a Control Office at the end of the construction site, to confirm compliance with European Standards CEN15567-1, integrating for example a continuous lifeline system for 100% safety.

We offer 2 types of finishes, standard or Premium, according to your choice for a longer lifespan and durability of your investment.

The total duration of the process, from design to the opening of the park, including custom manufacturing and installation, ranges from 3 to 4 months depending on the size of the park.

Each course is made up of 10 to 15 workshops for around 30 minutes of activities with Monkey Bridge, Amazonian Net, Hamster Barrels, Climbing Wall, Tarzan Liana, flying trapezes... and ends most of the time with a large Tyrolean , which brings adventurers back to the ground.

We install our Adventure Courses on trees as on poles depending on the site and the trees available.



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