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vertigo fly


Activity that we design tailor-made according to your surfaces

Technical details

The concepts of human catapults, BENJI EJECTION and VERTIGO FLY make it possible to eject customers from the age of 6, either vertically or horizontally, by  discovering sensations of weightlessness and flights never felt before, as well as adjustable accelerations from 0 to 3G and up to 100km/h in less than 2 seconds.

The Vertigo Fly is installed in a natural environment between two trees with heights between 12m and 18m depending on the size of the trees. In case the trees are not strong enough or high enough we can install poles.

The Vertigo Fly also exists in a mobile structure, to be installed in 4 to 5 hours for occasional events. The height of the structure is 15m, 8 x 6m are needed on the ground.

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