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Technical details

​​ Our Hobbit Villages are made up of a mixture of treehouses, net walkways, Spider trampolines, net seas, colored net maze, which according to a harmonious tailor-made design in the trees offer customers a magical adventure.  and unique to discover the life of Hobbits in the forest.


After the study and the final design, we place the custom orders, to the dimensions of the plans and your trees, in order to adapt each walkway, cabin and game net.

A Hobbit Village is composed of 3 to 8 Hobbit huts, 4 to 8 custom-made footbridges, and Trampoline and Labyrinth Spider Nets according to the Customer's Design and budget.

We can also create these Indoor Hobbit Villages on poles.

The Hobbit Villages are accessible to everyone, from the age of 3. Young and old alike will discover the world of the Hobbits with cabins perched in the trees and accessible only by moving net walkways, slides, net play areas, all connected to each other.


The Hobbits Villages are built in the trees and connected between them by netting walkways

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